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Water Hygiene and Treatment


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Water Hygiene and Treatment

Hygiene Contracts are registered with the Legionella Control Association, & use the very latest methods of disinfection techniques & modern disinfection chemicals to ensure a superior level of hygiene, stripping of layers of bio-film known to harbour the legionella bacteria, whilst being safer, environmentally-friendly and better value for money. On completion of every contract a certificate of completion will be issued.

Numerous types of bacteria can be present in water, including the potentially fatal legionella. Neglected tanks are extremely high risk areas for the spread of disease as legionella bacteria can proliferate where conditions in water systems are allowed to deteriorate.

Water Hygiene and Treatment

Cleaning and disinfection of water storage tanks is one of the key factors in ensuring there is a clean water supply to the outlets it serves. Not getting them regularly cleaned can make it hazardous to the users within the building.

Hygiene Contracts carry out the clean and disinfection of any water tank in strict accordance to PD855468. On completion a certificate is issued along with a report showing pre and post pictures of the clean.

Water Tank Refurbishment

Stored water tanks can be referred to as the heart of a water system. Maintaining it is a priority, especially if the tank is old. Creaks, leaks, corrosion and flaking material can all damage the integrity of the water tank and lead to contamination not only in the tank but also it’s services.

Hygiene Contracts can completely refurbish your tank including new linings, coatings, insulation, insect screens and new lids. By ensuring that this preventative maintenance is in place it will reduce any potential risk and ensure that the tank is compliant with current bylaws.

Pipe Work Modification and Remedial Works

As a building gets bigger or gets reduced in size the pipework configurations can be changed. This can result in dead-legs and low used areas.

Hygiene Contracts have in house engineers that can carry out all types of modifications to pipework to remove any potential risk that may occur to ensure that the water system will be operating as hygienically as possible.

Water Sampling and Testing

Hygiene Contracts carry out all types of microbiological sampling. We can test for various types of bacteria including Legionella, E.Coli, TVC, coliforms and Pseudomonas species/aeruginosa. We can undertake water sampling from various locations including the inlet of cold water storage tanks, the outlets they serve, closed systems, swimming pools etc. All samples are taken from site and transported to a UKAS accredited laboratory for analysis.

Calorifer Descale

Hygiene Contracts are convinced that chemical descaling is the most effective and efficient way of removing the built up scale that often occurs in calorifers. It becomes necessary to use this method of cleaning when hard water scale, oil and grease cannot be removed by general cleaning. This will improve the operation of the calorifer and ensure longevity.

Pipework Disinfection

A mains injection / pipework disinfection is the process of disinfecting and pre-commissioning water supplies connecting to the mains, extending to a building’s internal hot and cold domestic system. The recognised standard for carrying out these works is PD855468 along with any other requirements from the local authority.

When is pipework disinfection required?

–    In new installations as part of a buildings commissioning procedure.
–    Where major extensions and alterations have been carried out to the system.
–    Where underground pipework has been installed connecting to the main water supply.
–    If contamination within the water system has been identified
–    If the water system hasn’t been in regular use and hasn’t been flushed regularly