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Fire Damper Testing


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Fire Damper Testing

Fire dampers working efficiently are crucial to ventilation systems. They are designed to prevent fire from being able to spread through the ductwork or other areas of a building.

If they are not working correctly or aren’t installed into ductwork/ventilation systems it can cause fires/smoke to pass through the system quickly & into the building if a fire occurs. Dampers can degrade over time & if not inspected as required, they can stop working efficiently or stop working at all.

Manual fire dampers must be inspected annually & mechanical dampers biannually (annually for hospitals). They must be fixed or replaced immediately if they are found to be faulty.
Businesses/organisations will be legally exposed or there could be an awful ending if a fire should occur & it is found that the system does not have fire dampers installed or they are faulty.

BS9999 – Code of Practice for fire safety in the design, management and use of buildings require all ducting, whether it is ventilation, heating or air conditioning to be fitted with fire dampers.

BS9999 fire damper maintenance legislation states that all fire dampers must be tested by a competent person after they have been installed and at regular intervals not exceeding 2 years. If you have had spring-operated fire dampers installed in your ducting, then you will need to have these tested at least every 12 months or even more frequently if they are installed in an area that is affected by high levels of dust or pollution.

Per the BS9999 fire damper legislation, you must ensure that your fire dampers are repaired or replaced immediately if found to be faulty. It is highly recommended that you create a maintenance plan to help you budget and schedule repairs, ensuring your fire dampers remain in a fully working condition.