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Having a fresh air supply to be distributed in your workplace is key to safe, comfortable and efficient working conditions.

We provide complete Duct Cleaning Services in accordance with TR/19. All ductwork systems can build up unwanted dust and debris which can cause harm to the building’s users.

This can be controlled and maintained by Hygiene Contracts creating a cleaning programme that suits your ventilation systems.

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Ductwork Cleaning includes:

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With the use of a variety of extraction devices along with specialised mechanical brushes, air jets and manual methods, we can remove all types of contamination and where microbiological contamination is an identified issue we will disinfect where necessary.

Many existing duct systems have insufficient access points to enable cleaning; Hygiene Contracts will install access doors at strategic points throughout the system to enable regular inspection, cleaning and maintenance.

Please call 01268 726332 or fill out the form and receive a free quote.