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Environmentally Friendly

Hygiene Contracts are committed to the fight to secure all our futures by accepting our responsibilities as well as our obligations. We are constantly looking to adopt new technologies and work patterns to play our part in the global fight to protect our environment from further damage and help it heal.


Hygiene Contracts have committed to eradicating emissions by moving to an all-electric fleet by 2027…

Along with a fleet powered by renewable energies, we offer advice to staff on how to reduce their own carbon footprints, cycle to
work and car share schemes and a rotating “power down ambassador” role in the office to ensure electrical devices aren’t left on stand-by, heating isn’t running too high, and cooling is only used in extreme circumstances.


Looking after our employees and cutting emissions by reducing miles travelled…

As and when new work and contracts require it, we at Hygiene Contracts employ staff located within the area wherever possible to save resources, reduce congestion and improve life/work balance for our employees.

Waste Disposal

As you’d expect Hygiene Contracts continue to make sure that we leave the places we work better than we find them…

There’s no point in turning up in an EV after a short commute if your working practices create pollution, so all our staff not only carry the correct spill kits for their tasks but are fully trained in their deployment. All our waste is brought back to HQ where we know it will be removed by licensed specialists in the most environmentally beneficial way.

Hygiene Contracts see compliance solutions where others see problems.

We’re here to manage your compliance in whatever way best suits your requirements, we offer tailored solutions that work for you.

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