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Ductwork Cleaning &
Air Monitoring

Having a fresh air supply to be distributed in your workplace is key to safe, comfortable and efficient working conditions.

Services that Hygiene Contracts provide include:

Supply / Extract Cleaning to TR 19
AHU Cleaning
Detailed Schematic Drawing of the System
Full Comprehensive report with pre and post photos
Fire Damper Checks
Access Door Installation
Filter Replacement (if required)

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Duct Cleaning Hygiene Contracts Duct Cleaning Hygiene Contracts

Ductwork Cleaning

Hygiene Contracts create a cleaning programme to ensure you are compliant

All ductwork systems can build up unwanted dust and associated debris which can cause harm to the buildings users. This can be controlled and maintained by Hygiene Contracts creating a cleaning programme that suits your ventilation systems.

We provide complete Duct Cleaning Services in accordance with TR/19.

Driving Standards

HCL know that one size fits all solutions don't really work. What we do is offer the opportunity for cost effective integration of all your compliance requirements, one entity bringing together all the specialisms necessary to make you more compliant with all the economies of scale that should bring.

The Hygiene Contracts team will collaborate across all disciplines to ensure schedules are coordinated and that all work is carried out not only seamlessly, but in the most efficient way possible. As part of the one team approach, Hygiene Contracts have multi-skilled staff, operate to a ‘don’t walk by’ ethos, teams empowered and able to deal with or report issues of compliance. Our policy of education and growth means not just better skilled teams, but happier team members and so teams that stay and grow together longer, benefitting both us and our customers.


Duct Cleaning Hygiene Contracts Duct Cleaning Hygiene Contracts
Duct Cleaning Hygiene Contracts Duct Cleaning Hygiene Contracts

Compliance to TR19

Many ductwork systems have insufficient access points to enable cleaning. Hygiene Contracts will install access doors throughout your system to enable regular inspection as well as a more efficient clean.

With the use of a variety of extraction devices along with specialised mechanical brushes, air jets and manual cleaning methods. Hygiene Contracts can remove all types of contamination, and where microbiological contamination is an identified issue and we will
disinfect where necessary. 

Your Responsibility

To ensure compliance with the Regulations and associated Approved Code of Practice from the Health and Safety Commission which states that all mechanical ventilation systems should be regularly and properly cleaned, tested and maintained to ensure that they are kept clean and free from anything which may contaminate the air. 

When sampling or visual inspection indicates that the cleaning of the internal duct surfaces is required, Hygiene Contracts are able to offer a solution.


Duct Cleaning Hygiene Contracts Duct Cleaning Hygiene Contracts

Hygiene Contracts see compliance solutions where others see problems.

We’re here to manage your compliance in whatever way best suits your requirements, we offer tailored solutions that work for you.

Contact us today.