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Professional Cleaning Services

Commercial cleaning from the experts



The specialists that ensure your hospital is kept safe & clean
for patients, staff and visitors

Hygiene Contracts can accommodate a comprehensive clean for Daily activities involving routine cleaning to maintain a high standard appearance. Cleaning plays a crucial role to ensure a safe and sanitary environment for both areas & occupants. This integral service encompasses a range of tasks, from routine cleaning maintenance to specialized cleaning protocols.

Additionally, disinfection procedures have gained prominence, especially in response to global health concerns. Estates managers often implement rigorous cleaning schedules, addressing high- touch surfaces and communal areas to minimize the risk of infections.


Regular & robust training of cleaning staff is paramount to staying updated on industry best practices and ensuring a high standard of cleanliness throughout the facility.

Commercial specialist cleaning involves targeted and specialized
cleaning services tailored to meet the unique needs of commercial
spaces. This extends beyond routine cleaning tasks and encompasses specialized techniques, equipment, and expertise.

Whether dealing with  Industry facilities, Healthcare, Councils or other specialised environments, commercial specialist cleaning addresses specific challenges. Services may include deep cleaning, sanitization, and the use of specialised equipment to maintain optimal cleanliness and hygiene standards. These services are often customized to comply with industry regulations and safety standards, ensuring a clean and safe working environment for employees and visitors.

Hygiene Contracts see compliance solutions where others see problems.

We’re here to manage your compliance in whatever way best suits your requirements, we offer tailored solutions that work for you.

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