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Experts individually, working together as one team

At Hygiene Contracts, we are a committed team of people who work within our company’s five points of culture, ensuring we remain consistent in our actions and decisions.

What makes HCL different is how we deliver all our services seamlessly across the board with the same ethos and attention to detail, bringing the same passion for excellence and bringing continuous delight to the customer no matter which of HCL’s range of services is being deployed, tailored to their unique requirement.

Bespoke Services

Never forgetting what made us invaluable to our clients in the first place.

Despite significant growth we at HCL have never forgotten our beginnings and the promise we made to ourselves that we’d always ensure the kind of service that would make customers stand by us ever after. HCL’s ethos has never changed, and our strategic acquisitions come to share our insistence that each and every client feels like they are our only client, that our service is personalised to their needs and that their expectations of what excellence looks like are exceeded.

Our Clients

Our customers; private or trade, large or small, will all receive the same highest level of service, ever mindful that they will return again and again, and in doing so refer our services to other potential customers.

Our Uniqueness

Our uniqueness is based upon the reputation we hold as a highly respected independent air and water hygiene specialist. Our mission is to uphold this as we grow.

Hygiene Contracts Ltd is an Legionella Control Association member and we are regularly audited to ensure we meet the requirements of the LCA Code of Conduct for LCA Members and the LCA Standards for Service Delivery for the Legionella control services that we are registered for.

Hygiene Contracts see compliance solutions where others see problems.

We’re here to manage your compliance in whatever way best suits your requirements, we offer tailored solutions that work for you.